Fixed Size Layouts

You can’t beat the efficiency and simplicity of a fixed-size layout, where all products on a page appear in grid. Customers can quickly scan dozens or hundreds of products in just a few minutes. The fixed size approach especially makes sense if each of your products are similar with respect to:

Length of description — While Catalog-on-Demand offers features to automatically truncate names and description that exceed your specified height, it is best if your product marketing descriptions are of comparable length.

Family-level attributes — Fixed size layouts work best if you have approximately the same number and length of family-level attributes. For efficiency, the attributes can be presented in two columns.

Single-SKU data or SKU tables — The fixed size layout works with both.

Number of SKUs per product family — If you have multiple SKUs per product family, the fixed size layout works well if you are going to display about the same number of SKUs per family. Note that it is possible to set a limit on the number of SKUs that will be displayed.

We offer many different fixed size layouts. They are classified into three sub-categories:

Image above or below (best suited for square or wide images)

Image to the side (best suited for tall images)

Wrap around image (most efficient for a mix of image shapes)

If there is too much variation in your data, then fixed-size layouts may not be a good idea. Instead, you should check out our variable size layouts.

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Showing all 32 results