Variable Size Layouts

By variable size layouts, we mean product layouts that take up different amounts of page space, depending on content. Products are presented one after the other, for as many pages as necessary. Variable size layouts are typically required for publications that present:
  (a) complex products; or
  (b) different types of products

This is because products from such businesses vary widely with respect to their descriptive content. The following are some of the most common ways that content can vary from product to product, all of which are addressed with variable size layouts:

Product descriptions will vary with respect to length, paragraph breaks, line breaks, embedded styling, headers, and embedded lists or bullets

Products have different numbers of family-level attributes, each of which can vary in length for both the label and value

Product images can vary widely with respect to their aspect ratios and resolution.

Number of SKUs per product family usually varies from product to product. Some product families have only one SKU. Others have hundreds of SKUs.

Number and type of SKU-level attributes will vary from product to product, because there are usually different ways to distinguish between product variants

We offer many different variable size layouts, which are classified into two sub-categories:

Wrap around image (most popular and space-efficient)

Image to the side (cleaner looking, but usually less space efficient)

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Showing all 17 results