SKU table customization Level 3 (P-3013)

For products that have more than one variation, the SKU table is the cleanest and most visually appealing way to present those product variants to your customers.

Catalog-on-Demand offers an extensive set of features for SKU table setup. For this reason we have divided the feature set into three levels of table setup features. Each level offers progressively more features. This describes the Level 3 option.

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Level 3 Functionality for SKU Tables

Level 3 includes all the functionality of Level 1 and Level 2, plus features for Table Styling Per Column. This means you have the ability to specify the following on a per column basis:

Font color for values

This overrides the color you have given to the table data overall. You can give each column a unique font color.

Text style for values

You can choose from Light, Plain, Bold, or Heavy for the values. The style can be different for each column.

Left and right cell margins

Increasing the margin inside each cell of the table is a way to give a cleaner look to the publication, as well as make it more readable. The margins can be different for each column.

Cell alignment for labels

The content of the header labels can be aligned left, right, or center. The alignment can be different for each column.

Cell alignment for data

The content of the data cells can be aligned left, right, or center. The alignment can be different for each column.

Force appearance of empty columns

Normally, columns are not shown if all the values are empty for every SKU in the table. However, you can specify that you wish the column to appear even if empty. This is sometimes done to give consistency to the appearance of tables across many different products.

Tier pricing for quantity discounts

Quantity discounts (tier pricing) can be shown in a SKU table. There is no limit to the number of tier price columns. Also, these columns can be shown in combination with any other columns. You can position the tier price columns anywhere you like in the table — the first columns, last columns, or in between. download sample publication

SKU Table Level 3 Functionality — Summary

**See P-3013** for a full description of Level 3 SKU Tables

  • Custom columns
    • Text color
    • Text style (light, plain, bold, heavy)
    • Margins (inside and outside)
    • Alignment (left, right, center)
  • Tier pricing

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