SKU table customization Level 1 (P-3011)

For products that have more than one variation, the SKU table is the cleanest and most visually appealing way to present those product variants to your customers.

Catalog-on-Demand offers an extensive set of features for SKU table setup. For this reason we have divided the feature set into three levels of table setup features. Each level offers progressively more features. This describes the Level 1 option.

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Level 1 Functionality for SKU Tables

Level 1 features for tuning your SKU tables are as follows:

Automated Column Sizing

The quality of a SKU table depends on how well each of the columns are sized. Our algorithms for column sizing have been tested with millions of products. There are several factors that go into column sizing. The two most important are: (a) the width of the longest word in either the label or the values; and (b) the number of words in either the label or values. Attributes with long words, or many words, will usually be given more space than other columns.

Column Label Replacement

SKU attributes often have unfriendly names such as i_dia. These names are difficult for your customers to understand. You do not want these names to appear in your publication. The column label replacement feature gives you a solution to this problem. You can rename such attributes with friendly terms that you want to appear at the top of your SKU table columns. For example, you could replace inside_dia with Inside Diameter.

Row Shading

One common way to make SKU tables more readable is to shade every other data row, starting with the second row. You can specify the color that you want to use for this purpose.

Line Between Rows

An alternative to shading is to specify that a line appears between each of the SKU rows. This feature is often used when some of the SKU attributes values wrap within their cell.

Hidden Columns

Usually there are some SKU attributes that should not appear in a print catalog. For this reason, you can specify which columns (attributes) should be hidden. An example of this might be “shipping weight”.

Customize It!

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SKU Table Level 1 Functionality — Summary

  • Font size & color
  • Column label replacements
  • Alternate row shading color
  • Space above the table
  • Hide columns (SKU attributes)
  • Price format (US, European, others on request)
  • Price currency
  • Click here for a full description of Level 1 SKU Tables
  • This layout is also available with more advanced SKU table functionality. Click on the following links to learn more: