Separate Header Style per Level (A-2011)

This category layout option gives you control over the appearance of each level of the hierarchy.

  • For the top level category, you can specify: (a) an image to appear at the top of the page; and (b) how the name should appear below that image.
  • For each of the subcategory levels, you can specify the size, color, and other parameters. You make Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 all look different.
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Download sample publication

download sample publication

Click here to download a sample publication that shows this layout
used with sample product data and images.

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Here’s What You Can Configure

With this category layout, there are different settings for each level of the hierarchy. Because there are more features for the top-level category, there are more settings for Level 1 than for the subcategories.

Top Level Category

  • Image header at top of page
    • Optional — If not needed, name header will push up to top of page
    • Separate for left/right pages
  • Text and fill settings for category name header
    • Reverse type on fill background
    • Font size & leading
    • Colors for text & fill
    • Fill width & height
    • Outside margin (header is aligned to outside of left & right pages)
    • Margin below

Each Subcategory

Your settings are separate for each level of the category hieararchy (Levels 2, 3 & 4):

  • Margin above
  • Font size & leading
  • Text color
  • Continued text content (e.g., “…continued”)
  • Continued text font size
  • Continued text color