PDF For Every Product Page On Your Site:
Always Fresh® Flyers (P-3020)

  • Creates a PDF for every product on your site — Updated nightly
  • Instantly downloadable — Zero wait time for server processing
  • Branded the way you want — Uses your artwork & colors
  • PDF can run as long as your content — Single- or multi-page
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Unique PDF for Every Product
On Your eStore

Replace your print buttons with a link to a high-quality, pre-made PDF. Each PDF features the product information contained on that page. The entire process is automated.

Update Every 24 Hours

Your content, including images, is checked every night. If anything has changed, or if products have been added or deleted, the PDF is automatically updated. Always Fresh® ensure that your PDF is always current with your latest content.

Your Link to the PDF Stays the Same

Once you make the link from your site to the product PDF, you are done. You never need to touch it again. The PDF is updated automatically — the link never changes. And you get to specify the name of the link.

Layout Flexibility

  • Choose any Catalog-on-Demand product layout
  • Choose any type of Catalog-on-Demand SKU layout

Customize It!

Do you have special layout, data transformation, or workflow requirements?
Contact us for a no-charge analysis. P-3020