Logo, name and description (2-col) wrap around image; SKU table (L-8014)

The description, divided into two columns, wraps around the image. The family attributes (plain) appear below the description. The SKU table appears below the attributes. The QR code appears in the upper right. The manufacturer logo appears above the product name.

  • Description wraps around the image.
  • Images will be sized to the maximum height and width that you specify, keeping the original proportions.
  • Description may contain HTML bullets, bolding, italics
    Additional formatting handled on special request
  • Manufacturer logo in upper left
    If no logo, name and description will move up
  • SKU table appears below the description
    • Up to 25 SKUs
    • Up to 3 SKU attributes, plus SKU number and price


Download sample publication

download sample publication

Click here to download a sample publication that shows this layout
used with sample product data and images.

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What is configurable about this product layout?

The following elements are configurable for product layout L-8014. Product layouts are only one component of a publication. If you’d like to see what is configurable about entire publications, see our ever-growing line of LayoutPaks.

Product Name

  • Size
  • Leading
  • Color
  • Style (Plain, Bold, Extra Bold)
  • Maximum height

Product Description

  • Text size, leading, & color
  • Bullet color
  • Maximum height

Manufacturer Logo

  • Maximum height
  • Maximum width

Product Image

  • Maximum height
  • Maximum width

SKU Table Level 1 Functionality — Summary

  • Font size & color
  • Column label replacements
  • Alternate row shading color
  • Space above the table
  • Hide columns (SKU attributes)
  • Price format (US, European, others on request)
  • Price currency
  • Click here for a full description of Level 1 SKU Tables
  • This layout is also available with more advanced SKU table functionality. Click on the following links to learn more:

Space Above Product

  • Top indent


  • Page size
  • Page column width
  • Inside page margin
  • Outside page margin
  • Font family
  • File name prefix


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Details about this layout follow.

Additional information

SKU Count

Page columns

Product description styling

Family attributes

QR code

SKU Price

SKU Attributes

Product image styling