Image left; name, attributes (stacked), single SKU & price (stacked) right (L-9118)

  • Image appears on the left.
  • Image space appropriate for tall images.
  • Images will be sized to the maximum height and width that you specify, keeping the original proportions. 
  • Product name and product family attributes (stacked) appear on the right.
  • Product name becomes truncated whenever it exceeds the height that you have specified for it.
  • Single SKU number and price (stacked) appear in the lower right, below the product family attributes.


Download sample publication

download sample publication

Click here to download a sample publication that shows this layout
used with sample product data and images.

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What is configurable about this product layout?

The following elements are configurable for product layout L-9118. Product layouts are only one component of a publication. If you’d like to see what is configurable about entire publications, see our ever-growing line of LayoutPaks.

Row and Column Settings

  • Number of rows
  • Number of columns
  • Space between rows
  • Space between columns
  • Force alignment of cell elements (yes/no)

Product Image

  • Maximum height
  • Maximum width

Product Name

  • Size
  • Leading
  • Color
  • Style (Plain, Bold, Extra Bold)
  • Maximum height

Product Family Attributes (Plain)

  • Font size & leading
  • Name width
  • Value width
  • Maximum row height before truncation
  • Attribute label color
  • Attribute value color
  • Background color
  • Attribute label replacement
  • Attribute hide
  • Maximum number of attributes

SKU Number Vertical

  • Size & color
  • Style (Plain, Bold, Extra Bold)
  • SKU label
  • SKU label size & color
  • Margin above SKU
  • SKU width
  • SKU fill color
  • SKU fill height

Price Vertical Plain Format

  • Size
  • Color
  • Style (Plain, Bold, Extra Bold)
  • Price label
  • Price label size & color
  • Price width
  • Price fill color
  • Price fill height
  • Currency format (US or European)
  • Currency??? where is this?


  • Page size
  • Inside page margin
  • Outside page margin
  • Font family
  • File name prefix


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Details about this layout follow.

Additional information

Product image styling

Product name styling

Rows x Columns

Product description styling

Family attributes

SKU Count

SKU Price